The goal of Embodme is to to allow electronic music producers

to connect with both the musical material and their audience,

putting forward embodied expressions through natural and expert gestures.

embodme V2

Our instrument is an interactive tabletop for playing music in a 3D space. The interface feels and sees your hands, on and above its surface by combining touch and 3D  computer vision technologies.

  • Designed and manufactured in Paris, France
  • Fully customizable
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A research project carried at MINES ParisTech Robotics Labs by Edgar Hemery since 2014 

Original composition for Cristal Baschet and the Embodme prototype V1. MINES ParisTech, Paris - 15/05/2018

Our team

Edgar Hemery

Research & Development

Edgar works in the field of music technology and human-computer interaction, where he has been developing musical interfaces and installations for the past 7 years. Previous experiences, both in the music industry and academic research (University of Edinburgh, IRCAM, Mines ParisTech) has lead him to specialize in the design of musical interactions, based on gesture recognition.

Aubrey Clausse

Research & Development

Aubrey was formed as an electronic engineering (Supelec, France). He has been working as a Control Engineer in several US Tech firms (Vayu, Inc. - Plank Aerosystems) before settling back in France, where he started a PhD in robotics at MINES ParisTech. His experience, his meticulousness allow him to commit on both the software and hardware development parts of Embodme.

Mathieu Frohlich

Research & Development

Mathieu has both a musical and an electronic engineering background. From a young age, has been creating his own digital effects and analog circuits for his own music production needs. Before joining Embodme, he worked at Squarp Instrument, where he has conceived, developed and put a modular MIDI sequencer on the market. 

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60, Boulevard Saint-Michel - 75006 Paris, France

Email : contact@embodme.com