Embodme is building a new paradigm in electronic musical instruments:
the first synthesizer which allows the human body to take centre stage by sculpting sounds in the air above and on the surface of the instrument. 

A synthesizer for expressive musical interactions

Embodme opens doors for expressive musical interactions combining precision of touch and freedom of gesture. Our technology is based on two interaction spaces: a vision module captures fingers and hands movement in space, while a touch sensitive module accurately measures the position and force applied onto a 21 inch surface. If a slider or knob allows one to modify a single parameter at a time, a hand captured in 3D can vary up to 22 parameters simultaneously. This new way of control frees up the richness of synthesis modules, which need to vary multidimensionally in order to reveal their full potential. 

Onboard synthesizer

Powerful digital sound processing and MPE MIDI  

Mid-air interaction

Finger tracking is operated with computer vision

Continuous multitouch surface

High precision touch sensitive panel


Our team

Edgar Hemery

After a master's degree from UPMC / Telecom ParisTech in partnership with IRCAM, Edgar began his career as a researcher-entrepreneur. His doctorate at MINES ParisTech resulted in the creation of an electronic musical instrument that works with finger and upper body recognition, using computer vision. At the end of his thesis in 2018, he obtained a funding from Mines ParisTech as part of a "post-doc innovation" to create and develop Embodme.

Aubrey Clausse

Aubrey obtained a degree in electronics engineering from Supelec. He worked as a control engineer and developer in the drone sector (Vayu, Inc. - Plank Aerosystems, USA). He moved back to France in 2017 to undertake a PhD in robotics at MINES ParisTech. His experience in the drone industry is beneficial as the embedded and real-time computing challenges encountered in synthesizers have a lot in common. 

Mathieu Frohlich

For more than a decade, Mathieu has been creating his own digital effects and analog circuits for his music productions. Before joining Embodme, he worked at Squarp Instrument, a synthesizer company based in Paris. There, he designed a modular MIDI sequencer, which reached 1000+ sales in 2018. Mathieu is in charge of low-level hardware and software development, as well as sound synthesis.