ERAE Lab 1.1.6

Create and manage your own layouts and update your ERAE Touch

Release notes 1.1.6
Minor bug fixes
Release notes 1.1
New line offset logic for Keygrid.
Set Return Velocity to vibrato to enable microtonal playing.
Miscellaneous graphical improvements and bug fixes.

ERAE Firmware 1.1

Release notes 1.1
Buttons + and - now show the current keyboard octave.
Improved MIDI Effects, relevant effects now display a MIDI Clock menu.
CC states are now shared across all layouts.
Changed physical button assignations.
Fixed MIDI messages delay.
Fixed button note sending two notes off.
Fixed wrong API Boundary reply message.
Fixed sequencer not starting after clock source change.
A bunch of other bugfixes.
Miscellaneous graphical improvements.

Factory layouts

Get last version of the factory layouts . You can also reset all factory layouts into the ERAE Touch by selecting the Firmware number in ERAE Lab.



Serum is a well known and powerful synth by Xfer.

Not every parameter is MPE friendly (yet ?) :
The effects of the FX tab are not MPE.
LFOs are MPE.

Preset pack V1


13 presets


Rate on Pressure, Resonances on Timbre (Y)

Weird granular articulation


Bass / Key


Inspired by Tenet soudtrack, all those automation under your finger

Pressure on cutoff

Can be used as a key or as groovy bass


Key / Lead

Intensity on Pressure

Synth organ

Doomy Kick

Drum / Bass

Kick on the attack, Hard bass on the pressure

Inspired by the Doom Soundstrack, Kick and bass

Glassy Sat

Key / Lead

Glass sound on attack, Squeeze on pressure

Experimental glass sound


Bass / Lead

Pressure for hard harmonics

Hard lead sound

Pressure for hard harmonics

Same as Granubass with an additional harmonic

Lead / Bass

Alien Yeah

Pressure on rate, Timbre (Y) on Wideness

Granubass Laser


Pressure on rate, Timbre (Y) on cutoff




Not MPE : To control the three dimension of this Hi hat : Map Z axis on Macro 1, |Y| on Macro 2 and |X| on the Pan knob of the noise


Retro Sci Fi Pad



Kind of Cyber punk pad

Intensity on Pressure

Control your Hi Hat roll like never before


Vital Audio

Vital is a powerful free synth with some similarities with Serum.

To use it in MPE, go to the advanced tab and click on MPE enabled in the left bottom corner.Don’t forget to enable MPE in your DAW if necessary (On Ableton : first in MIDI preferences for the Erae Touch, second with a right click on the plugin => Enable MPE Mode)

The effects of the effects tab are not MPE.
LFOs are not MPE.

Preset pack V1


8 presets


Sustain on pressure

Distorded 808

Rythmic Dong

DistKeys / Drum


A pad is cut by the drop rate

Disable note track in "Advanced"
for monophonic pressure

Digital perc



Disto drive on Pressure

Dirty bass


Sfx / Experiment

Multi fx on Pressure

Strange textural sound

Electric resonance

Sequence / Bass

Filter on Pressure

Great to create rythm with pressure

Glitch Monster


Pressure and slide, better in monophonic

Glitchy and monstruous sound

Rate on Pressure, filters on Slide (Y), better in monophonic

Modulate drop sound


Basic 808

Rate on Pressure, filters on Slide (Y), better in monophonic


Granudrop inverted