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The Ultimate MIDI

MPE Controller & Looper


The ERAE II is the successor to the ERAE Touch, featuring several significant hardware and software enhancements.


ERAE II reacts from the lightest touch to the fastest strokes, pushing the dynamics to the extreme possible range of musical articulation. Embedding 16.000 force sensors, ERAE II benefits from our patented Force Multi-Touch technology, which offers ultra-responsiveness, down to a very low threshold force.


ERAE II benefits from 3 years of R&D with our patented Force Multi-Touch technology sensing just a few grams of pressure on a very large playable surface.

A sub-millimetre XY precision both in relative and absolute mode with enhanced sensor linearity for ultra-stable and continuous finger slides.


Add polyphonic portamentos, slides and after-touch to your musical creative process.

Control multiple sound parameters with a single touch and explore new possibilities on your favorite synthesizers.


Record segments of music and play them back with ERAE II's 8-track looper. You can define duration, quantization and BPM, overwrite and overdub expressive features.

Every gesture recorded on the fly is replayed visually, creating a show for the eyes.

Here it is in action: quickly recording a base line then adding a drum sequence. Stop the recording and jam on top of your loops.



ERAE II features 24 (12 dual) configurable analog outputs, to be used as CV/Gate, drum triggers, and bipolar modulation CV controls. Bring life to your modular patches, and record intricate loops to be played back on any CV!


ERAE II features a unique skin that connects the sensors to your fingers. This material is designed to provide the perfect gliding sensation, with just the right amount of softness and the organic feel of fabric.

This skin can be replaced in just a few minutes. Our Kickstarter backers will receive a second skin made of black silicone


Erae Touch is a polyphonic MIDI Controller & Looper.

Designed for immersive live performances it will enrich your musical composition and become the master device to control all your hardware synthesizer, modular gear and software instruments.

Built with unrivalled sensitivity and offering infinite configurability.



Setup the tempo, set your scales and launch loops from the settings section with ease thanks to the backlit buttons, the LCD screen and the selection click wheel embedded in the top right hand corner.


Create your own layouts with the free companion softwareERAE Lab.It's a simple yet powerful creation software: elements, MIDI settings and styles can be defined and tested in just a few clicks.

ERAE Lab now enables seamless layouts and project management. Drag existing layouts from a project to the compose panel. Browse your project library and pick layouts to create new ones in a few clicks.

Customize your interface with musical elements such as isomorphic keygrids, keyboards, or control elements with fader and buttons.


This is an open canvas for the most daring. The API is a custom sysex library with messages enabling you to take full control of the ERAE II detection points and LEDs states. (You can already download the full API Documentation here).


Explore arpeggio’s parameters in 3D. All the arpeggiator parameters (rate, octave range, note length, pattern, steps, velocity) can be mapped to expressive gestures (after touch, slide, portamentos).

Use the aftertouch control to modulate the rate while sliding the same finger to bend the note. Push it even more with MPE!

ERAE II is taking the world by storm.

“ERAE II takes the original touch controller up several notches with CV connectivity, hardware controls, super sensitivity and more functionality.”
“The ERAE II is packed with 16,000 force sensors for an “ultra-responsive” playing experience.”
“Super flexible and sensitive controller you can hit with sticks.”
“Embodme Erae II hands-on: A customizable MPE MIDI controller for your soft synths and analog gear.”
"This is a very impressive surprise. The second generation features a unique fabric skin, offering a perfect glide sensation while improving light diffusion for a brighter and sharper look, promises the developers."
"This is a super playable expressive pad."

Artists who have used the ERAE Touch...

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about the ERAE II MIDI Controller & Looper.

When can we expect to receive ERAE II?

We will start shipping the units in September 2024, so your units will be expected to deliver by then.

What is the return policy?

Officially, there is no return policy on Kickstarter. That being said, we will continue, as we always did since the first batch of ERAE Touch on Kickstarter, replacing faulty units.

Will you be releasing tutorials on the ERAE II for setting up in DAWs?

Yes. We will be working on developing a new set of tutorials for you all, after reading your comments that they are very helpful to many of you.

How durable and resistant is the ERAE II?

We have two skins for the ERAE II.
The first one is a fabric skin, it's ultra-gliding properties make it super soft for finger-play. It is a soft silk-like fabric on top of silicone. We are still doing R&D to increase contrast and light diffusion but very confident on the durability thanks to the special coating.

The second fabric is a black silicone one is similar to the one from ERAE Touch, super robust, very bouncy, compatible with moderate drum-stick playing and will be offered to all our backers.

Is it portable?

Yes, ERAE II is designed to be portable. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use in live performances or studio sessions. Take your music anywhere with ERAE II.