Experience the power and versatility of the ultimate MIDI Controller & Looper. Take control of your music like never before.

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Unleash Your Musical Potential

ERAE II is a polyphonic MIDI controller and looper designed to elevate your live performances. With unrivaled sensitivity and infinite configurability, it becomes the ultimate master device for controlling all your hardware synthesizers, modular gear, and software instruments.

Modular Mastermind

Bring expressive control to your Modular synths.12 CV/Gate highly configurable stereo outputs gives opens up polyphonic expressivity in the modular realm.


Erae Touch is a polyphonic MIDI Controller & Looper.

Designed for immersive live performances it will enrich your musical composition and become the master device to control all your hardware synthesizer, modular gear and software instruments.

Built with unrivalled sensitivity and offering infinite configurability.

Unlock Limitless Possibilities

• Fully configurable interface with modular routing and MIDI MPE mapping

• Standalone MIDI looper with 8 pattern per layout, and SD Card project storage.

• Smart arpeggiator, on-the-fly key and scale selection

• Easy on-the-fly MIDI/CV routing configuration via the on-board display.

→ 42*24 RGB LED 9mm pitch display

→ LCD display for a clean, easy-to-use UI.

→ Inter-changeable soft silica-gel skin with two included skins : white fabric and black smooth plastic.

→ Companion App Erae Lab for Layout creation

40% off Kickstarter for every early bird deal.

There are only 200 units available in this tier.

"ERAE II has completely transformed my live performances. The level of control and configurability it offers is unparalleled."

Rik Simpson

Music Producer, Coldplay

"Using ERAE II has taken my music compositions to a whole new level. It's the ultimate MIDI controller and looper."

Tobias Miorin

Playback Tech, Fred Again

ERAE II is taking the world by storm.

“ERAE II takes the original touch controller up several notches with CV connectivity, hardware controls, super sensitivity and more functionality.”
“The ERAE II is packed with 16,000 force sensors for an “ultra-responsive” playing experience.”
“Super flexible and sensitive controller you can hit with sticks.”
“Embodme Erae II hands-on: A customizable MPE MIDI controller for your soft synths and analog gear.”
"This is a very impressive surprise. The second generation features a unique fabric skin, offering a perfect glide sensation while improving light diffusion for a brighter and sharper look, promises the developers."
"This is a super playable expressive pad."

Artists who have used the ERAE Touch...

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about the ERAE II MIDI Controller & Looper.

What is ERAE II?

ERAE II is a polyphonic MIDI MPE Controller & Looper designed for immersive live and studio performances. It allows you to control all your hardware synthesizers, modular gear, and software instruments with unrivaled sensitivity and infinite configurability.

How to use?

ERAE II is easy to use. Simply connect it to your devices, configure the settings through the ERAE LAB, and start creating music. The intuitive interface and comprehensive user manual will guide you through the process.

Is it compatible with Hardware like Synthesizers or iPad?

Yes, ERAE II is compatible with a wide range of hardware synthesizers, modular gear, and software instruments. It supports MIDI connectivity and can be easily integrated into your existing setup.

When is it available?

ERAE II will be launching in the end of February on Kickstarter, with extra special discounts up to 40% off for the early bird deals.

Is it portable?

Yes, ERAE II is designed to be portable. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use in live performances or studio sessions. Take your music anywhere with ERAE II.