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Erae Touch is a Polyphonic MIDI Controller. It is born out of a desire to combine both sensitivity and versatility in a seamless object. Experimentation on its surface comes flawlessly bringing musicians closer to their original intents and ideas.
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Immersive Experience

A captivating audiovisual experience awaits you over the most powerful LED panel.

Compose dynamic music elements from original shapes and patterns.

Polyphonic x/y/z

Add polyphonic pitch-bend, slide and after-touch to your gesture palette. Set x/y/z controls in absolute or relative positions.

Control multiple effects within one touch and develop fresh new insights on your favorite synthesizers!

Professional Format

With its 18 inch silicone surface, the Erae Touch is the perfect standard for live performances and intense studio sessions.

Designed for the most demanding producers and musicians looking to explore new frontiers in digital and electronic music.

PC and Erae gear synchronized live
Light writing  on Erae Touch

Versatile Control

Erae Touch has everything you would expect from a MIDI controller but it expands into a new standard in the music industry.

Erae Touch is easy to play, work through, and explore. It is provided with advanced templates and quick menu access to optimize workflow efficiency.

Customizable Elements

Summon prefab elements like action keyboards, rhythmic objects and adjustment settings from our highly intuitive Erae LAB software.

Customizable Elements of Erae Touch

Open and Versatile dedicated App
The ERAE Lab

The Erae Lab is the companion software. It lets you Drag-and-drop elements on the playing surface!

Access and create touch pads, sliders, drumpads, mixers in an inifinity of combinations!
All of these layouts can be directly recalled on the Erae Touch.

Super Sensitive & Reactive

1000 nerves in a backlit muscle pad with blazing fast aquisition speed,
grasping every nuance and articulation with ultimate satisfaction.

1000 Sensors

The first musical controller to embed more than a thousand high quality Force Sensitive Resistors (FSRs).
Erae Touch is both ultra sensitive and large, to open up possibilities and gives you more space to explore. and express yourself.

1 ms

+1000 sensors is a lot to take.
The Erae Touch makes full use of 5 embedded processors.
Data will never be left behind!

MIDI 2.0

The Erae Touch is the first generation of MIDI 2.0 enabled controllers.
This new MIDI norm goes deeper in velocity dynamics, is more accurate in microtonal variations, and allows you to read informations from your DAWs and synths for easier mappings and routings.

Inside ERAE Touch

Professional Format, Yet Transportable

"the Erae is meant to be played live,
not just a fancy studio tool"

Sound adjustment buttons

"A super-playable pad from Embodme"

Erae Touch with its lights

"A new MPE MIDI controller that is fully customizable"

Erae Touch with its lights

"Ideal for the latest generation of instruments and plug-ins."

"Erae Touch also supports MPE and MIDI 2.0, making it ideal for the latest generation of musical instruments and plug-ins."

" with great power there must also
                                come great responsability..."

Gene shinozaki

Tech Data

Technical descriptions with blueprint




USB Type C to A cable
MIDI ⅛" TRS to DIN adapter
Power supply
Connecting plate hardware (screws, washers)


42x25 FSR sensor matrix with custom interpolation system-
100 um XY precision
2kHz internal stroke speed detection
Global latency <1ms


42x24 18 bit RGB LED5 configurables tact switches


Molded silicone rubber body
Aluminium backpanel


2.5 Kg


Width: 404mm (15’’) Length:244mm (9.6’’)
Height: 16.5 5mm (0.6’’)


Upgradeable firmware through ERAE LAB


ERAE Lab: Configuration Software
Compatibility from Mac 10.14, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04


Erae Lab shareable layouts and presets

Blackplate Interface


Compatibility with ROLAND APC-33 connecting plate
X4 M5 screw-threads are integrated to the backplate
70mm x 100mm holes distance